Advisory Panel

The following people form the advisory panel – established in July 2016 – of the annual Changing Political Economy of Research and Innovation (CPERI) workshops:

Please feel free to contact any of us if you would like any more information.


This blog is a space for both intellectual debate about the changing political economy of research and innovation (#CPERI), and a resource for those interested in this topic.

While we are starting small, we hope it’ll grow into something more substantial over time.

Starting Points

* Intellectual

The intellectual motivation for this blog originates in the push behind science and innovation by governments, policy-makers, industry, NGOs, universities, and others to kick-start the moribund economy, especially (but not limited to) after the global financial crisis. It seeks to explore how the promotion of new techno-economic paradigms (e.g. green economy) is tied up with tackling multiple, overlapping global challenges, such as climate change or food security, and the cultural and political upheaval around science and the political economy of its funding. What science and innovation can and do contribute to economic growth and global challenges is not clearly understood, and, conversely, it is clear that the current dominant policy understanding of these relations is inadequate.

* Practical

In light of the intellectual and practical need for a new and revitalized study of the political economy of research and innovation, a number of scholars sought to build up a community of like-minded researchers to explore these issues. This started with David Tyfield, at Lancaster University, organizing a workshop to bring together researchers from a wide array of disciplines to stimulate discussion across the diverse range of issues relating to the political economy of science, research and innovation, and to build a network of researchers in order to establish an international programme of research in this area.

Kean Birch
January 2015


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